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Rev. Young Hwi Kim’s Talk about True Parents’ Life Uplifts Chicagoans

Thousands of people came out to listen to respected elder Young Hwi Kim speak about True Parents’ life and achievements in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago this past week. Make sure to catch his final talks on Saturday Nov. 16 in NYC and Sunday Nov. 17 in Washington, D.C. Here is a teaser of what to expect: “[In Spirit World] Father said that for 43 days he…fought with God’s truth…[and his] insistence and conviction was that the restoration providence’s most important things are the change of blood lineage, change of heart and change of ownership.”

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Church President Energized and Inspired after Youth Conference

During this week’s briefing, Dr. Michael Balcomb reports on the Lead With Impact Energize retreat. He feels hope for the current and future young Unificationist leaders. Also, Dr. Balcomb encourages members to attend Rev. Young Whi Kim’s, speaking tour about True Parents’ life. The final two stops are New York City on Nov. 16 and Washington, D.C. on Nov.17. In addition, Dr. Balcomb initiates a relief effort to support the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan left thousands dead and millions displaced with little food, water, shelter and medical aid.

New Opportunities for Matching Candidates and Matched Couples

Contemplating meeting someone from another culture? Make sure to submit your profile information by Nov. 25 for the Parents Matching Convocation (PMC) in Japan. Register today for the One-Day Orientation Seminar on the Cheon Il Guk Matching Process, in NYC on Dec. 7. Considering to attend the Blessing in Korea? Check out the latest information about receiving a grant.

This Week in History: November 10 - 16th

This Week in History
November 10 – 16th

This edition of This Week in History recalls significant events from Nov 10th to 16th. True Parents embarked on a 12-city tour in the United States in 2007; True Parents held a matching and blessing for blessed children in 2009; Father Moon proclaimed the beginning of the Cheon Il Guk era in 2001; early church pioneer Rev. Sang Ik “Papasan” Choi arrived in United States in 1965; Dr. David S.C. Kim passed away in 2011.

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